About us

Our team has been working on the Romanian market since 2003. The scope of the company is the landscape of green spaces (including the entire range of landscape elements), import and distribution of ornamental shrubs and flowers (if we have firm orders and ongoing projects). Since 2008 we have realized green roofs, being pioneers in Romania.

Based on our portfolio and published data of other companies in the field, currently we are one of the leaders in the Romanian market. Some calculations show that we are the absolute leaders, another company underestimates us in terms of total build up green surfaces, but we can say that in Romania no other company in the field has such complex and difficult green roof systems in its portfolio like those made by us (for example intensive green roofs with 7-8 m high trees on 3200 m², on a pitched roof of 51° etc.)

We are a group of professionals loving nature and we think that every new green space created is actually a challenge. We are able to change everyday stress and dusty, grey and boring unused urban areas in a harmonious environment, a soothing oasis. Ornamental plants we are working with arrive here through different distribution channels throughout Europe.
What really represents us, whether is a public park, a garden or the symbiosis of some plants in a small green area, is that we combine aesthetics with useful concepts.

We have a great experience in the building, landscape works and long-time maintenance of green roofs and terraces.

Our company offer turnkey projects, having a rich portfolio of complex and difficult projects in tthe field. We use reliable building materials, plants especially developed for rooftop gardens and high quality vegetation rolls. Every landscape work of ours offers the best cost/effectiveness/safety balance and every project is adapted to our customers’ aims.

We are able to landscape deck type green terraces with pedestrian traffic, intensive or extensive green roofs on the top of industrial halls, inside or outside vertical gardens for office buildings, intensive green gardens with special relaxing zones, landscape green roofs with pedestrian traffic for shopping malls and many other ecological constructions.

To increase the ecological value of the building, solar panels can be also installed.
We are happy to help you with green projects, system solutions, estimates, and consultancy in the field.