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Anchoring and irrigation systems for trees

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Special anchoring systems were developed for bigger trees in order to fulfil anchoring requirements for big bales of roots. If these trees are properly planted, they will beautifully complement the landscape.

Anchoring system with D-Man cells

This system can be easily worked with; cells retaining water are linked to each other, and after they fill, they are anchored to the root bale. Installation kit is included.

D-man cells can be used individually or linked to each other and mounted/dismounted quite easily in every direction. Cells are manufactured of recycled plastics; they have a unique shape with significant water retention capacity.

Cells are connected to the root bale with wires through the unique letterbox system. They are installed at least 30 cm under the root bale, with a 60% soil compaction over the cells.

There are systems where cells cover the entire surface at the bottom of the root bale, and actually will be anchored there.

Another option is to use 3 or 6 cells, depending on the height and diameter of the trunk.

Piddler irrigation system

This system directs quite effectively the water and air straight to the root of the tree, minimizing water loss. Watering is very easy; we can use the hose or the adapter. It can be easily assembled and it’s suitable for all size of root bales.

Using anchoring systems, the planting process of high trees becomes much easier and faster. Irrigation systems lead to a more efficient watering, without water loss.

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