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Creative homes in Amsterdam

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Creative homes in Amsterdam

A beautiful residential area in Amsterdam with trendy buildings and a very modern and creative image. The whole city is permeated by new, sparkling ideas.

This creative building has a wavy shape and we can find it in the Funenpark area, the east side of Amsterdam, where the landscape and the park were designed by landLAB.

It is situated in a former industrial place, but thanks to the developing concept, at this moment offers 500 new homes. The Holland team of architects imagined totally 10 houses, each of them having its own green terrace and forming a complex of buildings. This wavy roof gives a unique and compact exterior look.

Creative homes in Amsterdam

The residential complex called Fyn Blok K will have buildings of different heights, between 9 and 18 m. On the third level we can find equally constructions and roof gardens. So the buildings of various height and the green roof structures offer completely unique view. Of course this is the main purpose of this social and private residential area.

Could we invite you to a virtual bike tour in this stunning place?

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