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Extensive green roof on the top of Kaufland in Bucureștii Noi

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(Română) Acoperiș verde extensiv la Kaufland, București

This is an extensive green roof built on the top of Kaufland supermarket in Bucharest, Bucureștii Noi quarter. The rooftop garden has 2.520 m² and it’s a beautiful green spot in a big city.

We would like to present some of our representative landscape works, which have proven durability and harmonious development.

Our company provides consultancy starting from the design stage up to long-term maintenance. We offer turnkey projects with the best efficiency/safety and reliability balance. In our portfolio you can find rooftop gardens with lightweight or ultra-light vegetation, intensive green gardens, parks, recreational facilities, green areas with high pedestrian and vehicle traffic, green roofs with solar panels, vertical gardens on the interior or exterior walls of office buildings, intensive green terraces with recreational, leisure areas, or rooftop landscapes with parking places in case of shopping malls.

Our team of experts is ready to help you with green projects, system solutions, estimates and professional consultancy.

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