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Filtering, sperating and equalization layers

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Filtering layer – filtering veil

This is the layer which prevents transportation of substrate components deep into the protection structure and also protects waterproofing from eventual chemical deteriorations (this could be the result of the moving of organic materials and minerals from the vegetation layer and the substrate).

The filtering layer must meet the following requirements:

  • do not deteriorate the environment
  • not to be degenerated by the environment
  • to be compatible with plants (do not produce phytotoxicity)
  • to be waterproof
  • roots to be able to pass through
  • to have resistance against microorganisms
  • to be resistant to chemical substances

For all these reasons, a 1-2 mm thick polyethylene cover is used, that will form a filtration layer, and prevents clogging and filling of drainage layer with fine particles. Using this polyethylene veil, 90% of the substrate is retained and only 10% will be able to penetrate the filter.

This veil have to cover the entire surface of the drainage layer (in most cases drainage teils are used) and to be fixed with the vegetation substrate, which will be the next level of the extensive green garden or terrace.

Bauder Filtervlies FV 125
Material polyester/polypropylene
Thickness 1,0 mm
Weight 125 g/m²
Size 2,0 x 100 m 1,0 x 100 m
Delivery shape  roll 200 m² roll 100 m²
Item number 7423 0200 7423 0100
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Separating layer – Polyethylene foil

The separating layer covers the waterproofing of the roof, increasing its effectiveness. It is used a polyethylene foil which is compatible with the bitum.

Bauder Trennfolie PE 02
Material polyethylene foil made of recycled granules, compatible with bitum and polystyrene
Thickness about 0,2 mm
Weight about 190 g/m²
Size  4 x 50 m (folded to 1 m width)
Delivery shape roll 200 m²
Item number 7444 0000
Filtering layer is an important element of a green roof, prevents moving of substrate components deep into the protection structure. It also protects the waterproofing against chemical deteriorations.
The separating layer is the next level over the waterproofing and it increases its effectiveness. It is actually a polyethylene foil, compatible with the bitum.

Manufacturers whose materials we use for landscape works are well known all over the world. We already had some common projects, and results were reliable and spectacular. If you choose us, the quality of building elements is doubled by the qualified human professionalism. Our team is well experienced in the use and maintenance of all building elements of a green roof.

We can build extensive vegetation on industrial halls, intensive green terraces on office buildings, we can also create recreation and relaxing areas, intensive green roofs for high pedestrian traffic on the top of shopping malls, and many other ecological solutions. Thanks to the competence and professionalisms of our team, all materials used are compatible. Protection, separation and filtering layers, drainage of the green roof, together with control boxes, delimitation elements, evacuation gutters are key components of a green roof system.

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