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Greening – Seed mixtures

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Seed mixture

The Bauder Samenmischung KS plus – seed mixture can be sowed almost all year. It was tested for extensive greening. It contains more than 30 type of tested herbage mixed with sedum, becoming a balanced mixture on the roof. Adhesives and organic nutrients reduce the risk of detachment and they also support vegetation development in the early stage. Mychorizzas improve water and nutrients collection, increasing plants resistance to drought.

Form of vegetation
The main element of the seed mixture is the herbage. Having different growth sizes, colors, space to grow, their appearance is in a continuous change. Sedums help to cover the area indeed, but because of their reduced height, they cannot dominate.

Bauder Samenmischung KS plus
Content tested seed mixture with sedum parts
Consumption ca. 100 g/m²
Delivery form 2 kg, bag 5 kg, bag
Item number 7460 0002 7460 0005
After about 8 weeks

The KS plus mixture can have the optimal density, resistance to drought if it’s sowed in the Bauder substrate mixture. It will offer a great biodiversity and thanks to it the extensive green roof will be more colourful and will have a richer texture from spring to late autumn. It is good to know that the development of vegetation and the form of the green roof will be highly influenced by local weather conditions.

After 12-16 weeks

The range of species included in the substrate ensures the development of plant community that will bring a great variety of colours and vegetation. Some of the species will disappear after the first year of growing. Of course, some local species could also migrate from the immediate environment, which increase biodiversity of the ecological roof, but must be removed if they are too invasive.

In the second growing season

Maintenance of vegetation depends on our expectations: how should look our green roof at maturity and what kind of biodiversity is expected. Our experts strongly recommend eliminating all local invasive plants before cultivation, and letting vegetation grow. Late fall it may be trimmed to 50-70 mm height.

If it’s desired a great variety of flowers and colours, it is recommended the Bauder Xero Flor Organic fertilizer, late spring and beginning of September, about 80 g/m2.

After a few years

The Bauder KS plus mixture will offer a strong and resistant vegetation carpet, cultivated in different areas, offering different appearance. This mixture can be also improved with additional seeds or plants, considering their impact on the existent plant community.

Even in the early design stage of a rooftop or terrace ecological construction, we can advise you in order to choose adequate elements for your investment.

The seed mixture is used for the greening of ecological roofs and it may be applied almost all year. It contains several types of tested herbs, sedum species and the result is a balanced rooftop garden.

Manufacturers whose materials we use for landscape works are well known all over the world. We already had some common projects, and results were reliable and spectacular. If you choose us, the quality of building elements is doubled by the qualified human professionalism. Our team is well experienced in the use and maintenance of all building elements of a green roof.

We can build extensive vegetation on industrial halls, intensive green terraces on office buildings, we can also create recreation and relaxing areas, intensive green roofs for high pedestrian traffic on the top of shopping malls, and many other ecological solutions. Thanks to the competence and professionalisms of our team, all materials used are compatible. Protection and filtering layers, drainage of the green roof, vegetation substrate obtained with turf rolls or by sowing, together with control boxes, delimitation elements, evacuation gutters are key components of a green roof system.

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