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Instant greening with vegetation roll

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Instant greening with vegetation roll

Using vegetation rolls as surface layers, we can obtain instant greening and multiple benefits, such as:

  • steps of cultivations and complex maintenance are not needed anymore
  • in case of sowing vegetation achieve maturity in a few years, but using vegetation rolls this can happen immediately, covering the vegetation substrate during the landscape of green roofs
  • plants’ biodiversity can be seen and directly selected, has a higher degree of success, it is resistant to heavy rainfalls, and it covers more than 95% of the surface

ven in the early design stage of a rooftop or terrace ecological construction, we can advise you in order to choose adequate elements for your investment.

Using vegetation rolls as surface layers, we can obtain instant results and multiple benefits over the traditional sowing technique.

Manufacturers whose materials we use for landscape works are well known all over the world. We already had some common projects, and results were reliable and spectacular. If you choose us, the quality of building elements is doubled by the qualified human professionalism.

Our team is well experienced in the use and maintenance of all building elements of a green roof. We can build extensive vegetation on industrial halls, intensive green terraces on office buildings, we can also create recreation and relaxing areas, intensive green roofs for high pedestrian traffic on the top of shopping malls, and many other ecological solutions. Thanks to the competence and professionalisms of our team, all materials used are compatible. Protection and filtering layers, drainage of the green roof, vegetation substrate obtained with turf rolls or by sowing, together with control boxes, delimitation elements, evacuation gutters are key components of a green roof system.

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