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Intensive vegetation – Trees

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The intensive green roofs’ vegetation is similar to a garden at ground level, because the structure allows this.

In case of garden or landscape type, the substrate thickness used ensures optimal conditions for the vegetation but of course the climate and microclimate are also very important.
For this kind of rooftop gardens, perennials or annuals, shrubs, especially native species are recommended.

Some general characteristics must be followed in case of coniferous or hardwood plants: undergrowth or bushes with the maximum height of 1.5-2 m; creeping or erect stems; adapted to dry (xerofile species, Xero-mesophilic) and relatively resistant to frost.

Trees can reach 5-6 m height, that’s why they must be properly anchored. Their center of gravity should be placed as low as it is possible, otherwise a strong wind can displace them. (There are special anchoring devices – see section green roof elements, help for design).

A list of plants that can be used in case of intensive green roofs is almost impossible, because it is actually a landscape project which takes into account the technical feasibility, the financial and environmental possibilities, the wishes of the client, and all these will define the final appearance.

Woody plants – Trees:
Acer campestre
Acer ginnala
Albizia julibrissin
Betula pendula
Cladrastis lutea
Fraxinus ornus
Koelreuteria paniculata
Laburnum anagyroides
Malus niedzwetzkyana
Morus alba Pendula’
Pinus nigra
Pinus sylvestris
Prunus cerasifera
Sorbus aucuparia
Taxus baccata
Thuja orientalis

Vegetation of intensive green roofs is similar to that of a garden at ground level, because the structure allows it.

In case of intensive green roof gardens or landscape roofs, the thickness of the substrate ensures optimal living conditions for lots of plants, the most important criteria in choosing them, are the climate and the microclimate of the site and their annual growth rate. It is recommended to work with perennials or annuals, shrubs, trees, especially native species.

With a great experience in landscaping and construction of green roofs, our company is ready to help you choosing the right type of ecological roof and vegetation for your construction.
For the selection of plants that will form the vegetation of a green roof or a living wall, qualified and experienced horticulturists and landscape engineers are advising us. Plants recommended by us are suitable for the climatic conditions of the site. Further maintenance of these green roofs is done promptly and with maximum professionalism, so we promise that you’ll have an aesthetic, healthy and viable green roof.

Your ecological roof can be an extensive one, planted with sedum or ferns, or an intensive garden with grasses, perennials, shrubs and even high trees. We also use vegetation rolls developed for green roof systems, but grass can be also sown with seed mixtures, and for immediate results even trays fitted with matured plants can be installed.
For any questions, please contact us!

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