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Leisure center with ultralight green roof

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Leisure center with ultralight green roof

We built an ultralight green roof with inclination of 51° in Comanesti, in the Trotus Leisure Centre. This was one of the most difficult projects realized in a record time by our technical experts and some strategic partners (eg. the waterproofing) on 3200 m².

For this turnkey project we made the design work of ultralight solutions and stabilizing elements, anti-slip surface, and our partners built the waterproofing layer. The execution work lasted 45 days which included waterproofing and the entire installatrion work of the green roof.

In the spring we will start the maintenance works in order to help the entire green roof to develop properly. This grandiose building with an ultralight extensive green roof is somehow unique in Eastern Europe, so we promise to keep you updated about further stages.

Our partners in this project were:

  • The General Entrepreneur: ALCONEP SRL – Targu Ocna, a real professional in all, which is very rare in construction (deadlines, phase synchronization strictly observed, prompt payment according to the schedule agreed)
  • Acumcom Branesti SA – Bauder bituminous waterproofing
  • Bauder SRL – prompt delivery of high-quality materials
  • Amber Green KFT – vegetation rolls for the extensive green roof
  • Alpinindustry Targu Mures – professional industrial climbers
  • Baixxa – Heavy cranes
  • Comanesti City Hall – Ec. Viorel Miron – Mayor
  • Spedition companies that provided the “just in time” logistics, transporting hundreds of tons of material under controlled temperature for 2-3000 km
  • Suppliers of various materials (107 different articles)

Latest photos shows the favorable evolution of green roof, vegetation development and its accomodation, occurrence of native species, birds, and the roof begins to turn into an ultra-light biodiverse green roof.

The ultra-light green roof with 51° inclination of the Leisure Centre Trotuş, in Comanesti was done in record time. This grandiose project is unique in Eastern Europe and includes an ultra-light extensive green roof on a surface of ​​3200 m².

We would like to present some of our representative landscape works, which have proven durability and harmonious development.
Our company provides consultancy starting from the design stage up to long-term maintenance. We offer turnkey projects with the best efficiency/safety and reliability balance. In our portfolio you can find rooftop gardens with lightweight or ultra-light vegetation, intensive green gardens, parks, recreational facilities, green areas with high pedestrian and vehicle traffic, green roofs with solar panels, vertical gardens on the interior or exterior walls of office buildings, intensive green terraces with recreational, leisure areas, or rooftop landscapes with parking places in case of shopping malls.

Our team of experts is ready to help you with green projects, system solutions, estimates and professional consultancy.

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