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Ornamental lakes and waterfalls

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Ornamental lakes and waterfalls

Ornamental lakes are true oases of recreation that can turn your yard into a delightful landscape.

These lakes can have different sizes and shapes, may be decorated with flowers, ornamental plants at the edge, with a waterfall, a steam or a fountain.

You can also have a real lake, which has waterlily islands of different colours, lots of flowers and plants at the edge and with friendly Koi goldfishes.

These landscapes can be designed to have a high biodiversity of plants and other landscape elements (rocks, debris, trunks, and roots of trees „felled by the wind”) to provide a beautiful harmony that pleases the soul.

In case of these beautiful ornamental lakes we must take into account not only the construction costs but also those of the maintenance, which can be substantially reduced with an adequate design.

Such a lake designed and implemented properly will help you to keep maintenance efforts at a reasonable level and to fully enjoy every moment of your achievement. It will become a self-sustaining ecosystem without major or regular human interventions.

New technologies gives us the resources to build in a very short time very complex facilities. These landscape works will help to improve the quality of life. No money is spent in vain if it helps to develop green areas that makes our living environment more pleasant, healthy, pollution free and more biodiverse.

Lately, the number of requests for planning ornamental lakes or garden ponds grew along with the need of modern man to transform his courtyard into a corner of nature, a peaceful place for relaxation.

We are at your disposal with a wide range of equipment and aquatic installation to build ornamental lakes, combination of lake or water edge plants.

The landscaping of these ornamental lakes is conducted by our experts, so we know the overall functioning of a lake and we also know that installing 1-2 very expensive pumpsor filters doesn’t mean that everything is functional. First of all we must optimize the functioning of the Biosystems. Relationship between different plant species, volume of the water, the surface of the lake, depths in different areas may radically influence the functionality of a lake. We can build lakes, waterfalls, and streams with decorative elements of wood, stone and other natural materials.

No matter where is such garden with ornamental lake, it will provide a pleasing view, bringing closer nature to us.

Our company makes ornamental lakes of various sizes, decorated with water liles or other ornamental plants. We can also build edges, waterfalls or fountains, to make the biodiversity more beautiful and relaxing. Plants with other landscape elements could become a self-supporting ecosystem, without major human interventions. We can offer system solutions adapted to your own budget and ideas.

Whether you want a landscape project including an intensive or extensive green roof, to increase the noise insulation of your building, or to complete the ecological function of the green roof by installing solar panels, we provide projects, system solutions, estimates and professional consultancy.

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