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Semi-extensive biodiverse vegetation

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The semi-extensive biodiverse vegetation in most cases is realized by seeding, but we can also use vegetation rolls, in order to provide instant blooming.

We can add to these rolls some additional seeds or plants from the list below. If we want to have a real biodiversity both in texture and colors and durable and viable vegetation, the best and the most effective method remains the sowing.

There are some plants listed below which can be used for green roofs, because the mixture of their seeds can offer a beautiful biodiverse rooftop garden.

The Bauder KS Plus mixture of seeds is composed of herbaceous species that provide a colorful mix of flowers that bloom at different times of the year, offering a great level of biodiversity.

Seed species included in the Bauder KS Plus mixture:
Plants to be completed with:

With a great experience in landscaping and construction of green roofs, our company is ready to help you choosing the right type of ecological roof and vegetation for your construction: extensive, semi-extensive and intensive.

Different type of sedums and wild grasses are ideal to form the vegetation of an extensive bio-divers green roof, but they can be also combined with flowers and other plants, in order to achieve green roofs with high decorative value.

For the selection of plants that will form the vegetation of a green roof or a living wall, qualified and experienced horticulturists and landscape engineers are advising us. Plants recommended by us are suitable for the climatic conditions of the site; most of them are native species. Further maintenance of these green roofs is done promptly and with maximum professionalism, so we promise that you’ll have an aesthetic, healthy and viable green roof.

Your ecological roof can be an extensive one, planted with sedum or ferns, or an intensive garden with grasses, perennials, shrubs and even high trees. We also use vegetation rolls developed for green roof systems, but grass can be also sown with seed mixtures, and for immediate results even trays fitted with matured plants can be installed. For any questions, please contact us!

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