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Soundproofing green structures

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Soundproofing green structures

It’s well known that vegetation has a very important role in the war against pollution. In urban areas and near traffic roads, vegetation protects us against chemical and noise pollution; it can reduce the harmful effects of industrialization.

Construction of express roads and highways is an unstoppable process, being considered the driving force of economics. Unfortunately their impact on the environment is very destructive, and serious measures have to be taken to counteract consequences. Along highways, since the beginning of constructions, divider parapets were actually sound absorbents. Traditional sound absorbing street barriers are composed of the following materials: wood-cement, wood-polycarbonate, wood-mineral wool, metal-wood, metal-polymethylacrylate etc.

A sound barrier on the highway is not an easily assembled device; to fulfil expectations must be properly installed in the ambient environment and serious technical knowledge is needed from different scientific fields. To evaluate the effectiveness of these sound barriers, the extrinsic characteristic of noise attenuation must be calculated (insertion loss). This can be done with very accurate methods of calculation and considering environmental conditions too: wind speed and air temperature.

Here we have to mention alternative systems too, that include vegetation in their constructive structure. A pyramidal arrangement of ground with vegetation, besides absorbing surrounding noise, it also captures dust and micro particles and retains great amounts of CO2. The carbon dioxide is a gas, resulting from burning fossil fuels.

Costs of such constructions are not high and ecological benefits are greater than using synthetic panels. For instance, micro particles from the air are very dangerous for the public health. They can cause heart diseases and can also worsening pulmonary problems. The Institute of Public Health and Environment in Holland has calculated that the number of premature deaths caused by short-term exposure to micro particles, reaches annually 18.000. Comparing these panels and structures with vegetation, these latter capture a much higher quantity of micro particles.

The planted vegetation can reach different shapes, however for economic reasons the extensive vegetation is more preferable, because it doesn’t need special maintenance and other expensive works. It can be accelerated development of indigenous flora: plants, perennials and grasses, which can offer ecological benefits and an aesthetic satisfaction.

Another type of vegetation with soundproofing and anti-pollutant properties is the vertical garden, landscaped on the wall of buildings or independently, like pergolas and trellises. These can be built like green facades and living walls with climbing plants. This structure also prevents sound and chemical pollution. All green constructions, rooftop gardens, terraces, vertical gardens, green walls have great ecological benefits and raise the quality of life by improving habitat conditions.

We offer consultancy for green structures against sound and chemical pollution, green roof and terrace construction works. Our professional team is ready to help with system solutions for intensive, extensive green roofs, pedestrian/vehicle paving landscaped over underground buildings, green walls and many other ecological solutions.

We are at your disposal with turnkey projects and long-term maintenance.
We use reliable building materials, plants especially developed for rooftop gardens and high quality vegetation rolls. Every landscape work offers the best cost/effectiveness/safety balance and every project is adapted to our customers’ aims.

We are able to landscape soundproofing green structures, green terraces, intensive or extensive green roofs on the top of industrial halls, inside or outside vertical gardens for office buildings, and intensive green gardens with special relaxing zones, landscape green roofs with pedestrian traffic for shopping malls and many other ecological constructions.

To increase the ecological value of the building, photovoltaic panels can be also installed. We are happy to help you with green projects, system solutions, estimates, and consultancy in the field.

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