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Swimming ponds

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Swimming ponds

Swimming ponds are lakes built in the nature and have the similar area of swimming pools (with deck, stairs, steps, straight walls made of natural materials) and also an ornamental area with lots of vegetation and gravel that provides the adequate purification of the water with the help of biofilters.

Swimming ponds have several benefits and offer more than visual satisfaction. During summer you can swim in clear water surrounded by nature and in winter if the weather allows, you can even skate.

In many cases we build a special swimming area separated by a wall (wood, stonewall built into a dry system – although this is inaccurate to say 🙂 – without mortar) of the vegetation that filters the water naturally. Using this structure, lake plants, edge and floating plants will not enter into the swimming area, not even the sand or the special soil will clog the basin, and just the clean water will pass and regenerate the swimming water.

The vegetation area will include carefully selected aquatic plants in order to provide the biological filtering and also a pleasant sight. These plants can convert nitrites and nitrates in the mass of plants, permanently cleaning the water of the pond.

The costs of a swimming pond depend on the form and type, the cost of excavation, the green and aquatic area, the special accessories, like filters etc.

In many cases, costs of a swimming pond are lower than a concrete swimming pool what needs chlorine dispenses, skimmers, filters etc. Maintaining a natural pond does not require special care, can be performed by anyone and usually is considered an active leisure activity.

If you want more than a concrete swimming pool in your garden we can build you a swimming pond with clear water, lots of ornamental and aquatic plants, which are able to purify the water, without a permeating chlorine stink. The maintenance costs of these ponds are not too high. Our company also offers other ladscapes for green areas, giving the best cost/efficiency balance.

We are pleased to design and to build complex landscapes, intensive and extensive green roofs and terraces, automated irrigation systems etc. We can also complete the ecological function of these landscapes by installing solar panels. Our experts can help you in a constructive and flexible way regardless the type or the structure of the building. We can provide projects, system solutions, estimates and consultancy for green roof systems!

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