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Vietnamese nursery school for the future

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Vietnamese nursery school for the future

This kindergarten of the future in Vietnam has biosolar green roof of about 3800 m². It was designed by Vo Trong Nghia Architects and tries to restore knowledge.

Vietnam has a serious agricultural background, but people’s attitude regarding nature has changed rapidly. Bien Hoa, this very modern daycare in Ding Nai would like to support two major activities: learning and food production.

Vietnamese nursery school for the future

To deepen the relationship with the nature, the nursery school has a very interesting green roof, with a playground for children and 200 m² where children can cultivate five type of vegetables. Daylight and fresh air are maximized, the green roof offers a great insulation and the green façade offer shade for the interior. They are using solar panels as water heaters and the wastewater is reused for irrigation and flushing the toilets by the factory in the neighbourhood. All ecological functions are installed for the education of children.

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