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Workshop – About reciprocal and green roofs

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Workshop - About reciprocal and green roofs

During this colorful autumn days in Porumbenii Mari, next to Cristuru Secuiesc it is organized a very interesting event: those who are interested can come 7 days to learn about reciprocal or green roofs, how to make them and many other things.

The reciprocal (self-supporting) roof has lots of benefits: it is very cheap, the basic material does not need prefabrication as a rectangular beam and the transportation is not expensive either. It can be installed quite quickly without using scaffoldings or support pillars.

Because of the empty space in the middle, a skylight can be mounted, so the visibility to sky and the benefits of the natural light can be used. A self-supporting roof distributes the weight equally on the bearing walls, the whole weight is vertical, so the walls are not pushed out. This roof is the best solution for those who build round houses or homes with organic shape.

The green roof has the following facilities:

  • excellent soundproofing
  • eliminates electromagnetic radiation
  • reduces dust particles and pollution
  • reduces energy consumption
  • excellent insulation during summer (to have the same advantage during winter, additional insulating material is needed) and windbreak

Participants can actually build a reciprocal roof and do all the steps of creating a green roof (prepare and build the foundation for the roof-supporting pillars, mounting rafters, waterproofing the roof and finishing the green roof).


  • mr. János Németh – expert in constructions and renovations using natural materials
  • mr. Zoltán Kolcsár – expert in green roofs and terraces
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