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Animated 3D design

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Animated 3D design

Animated 3D design, turnkey projects of landscaping. All landscaping elements can be included in projects in progress both in 2D and 3D. It is easier for clients who do not have special botany or landscaping knowledge to analyze these projects and to make decisions. So we can create projects whose analysis or concluding on the basis of the beneficiary wishes is much easier.

They can include alpine or Japanese gardens, lakes, streams, waterfalls, fountains, hedges, flower beds, dry gardens, terraces, intensive or extensive green roofs, large trees on alignments, large solitary plants, stabilizations of slopes in an effective and showy manner and automated irrigation systems.

There can be realized 2D photorealistic simulations, having in the background an existing building or a simulation of the building designed by architects. Green spaces, trees, shrubs, flowers, grass, all will be placed on the desired visual impact, and personal preferences of the client and of course the budgetary resources. Thus, the client will see the subjected area arranged with multicolored vegetation made up of young and mature plants.

This way the beneficiary can actively participate in the design works and he can also ask for changes according to his personal preferences.
These simulated images will help viewing all landscaping elements as a whole, and also the shady places by these green elements, such as a big tree with denser foliage now or in 5, 10, 15 years. So making decisions regarding landscaped places and type of elements included will be much easier.

Would you like to build a rooftop garden but you don’t have special botany and ladscaping knowledge? Would you like to see your own ideas in a photorealistic simulation, where your own preferences come to life?

We can offer turnkey projects in 2D or animated 3D. Our team of experts can offer design and buildig works for green roofs and terraces using natural and durable materials, vegetation rolls specially adapted to green roofs and other ecological systems offering the best cost/efficiency balance.

Our company can help you in a constructive and flexible way regardless the type or the structure of the building. We can help you building extensive green roofs on the top of industrial halls, beautiful intensive gardens on the top of office buildings, or even a landscape green roof with parking places and playing areas in a futuristic shopping mall.
We can provide projects, system solutions, estimates and consultancy for green roof systems!

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