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Grassing with turf rolls

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Grassing with turf rolls

Using turf rolls is the safest and most effective grassing method and it has many advantages:

  • they are instantly installed and integrated into the landscape ( you do not have to waste your time with the sowing, waiting for the germination of seeds and the development of grass)
    can be accessed about one week after the installation (you cannot tread on the fresh sown grass for 40 days after sowing)
  • roots are already developed and installed like a root fleece into the 2 cm layer of soil, so the footing is rapidly done (7-10 days). Of course this can only happen if the process is realized by a specialized firm and in compliance with the installing rules
  • these turf rolls can be installed throughout the year, excepting very low temperatures (frost)

It does not require special and meticulous maintenance regarding irrigation at the beginning or corrective sowing, neither selective herbicide, because the turf rolls are already treated against weeds and pests.
You can see the result of the work right after the installation, which is done for about 2 years and you will have a mature, rennet and silky turf which is also very easy to maintain. To have all these, efforts of the producer must be paid, which raises the cost of grassing to sowing.

Those who vote for sowing, will pay the same price, but they will have a mature lawn only in 2-3 years. But we must say that rarely is obtained such a perfect lawn as that obtained from turf rolls, because growers use advanced equipment both for sowing and maintenance, which surely leads to a uniform and resistant lawn.

We are available to install turf rolls which offer multiple benefits: they can instantly integrate into the landscaping, can be accessed after a week, rooting is very fast and does not require such a meticulous maintenance as the freshly sowed grass. Turf rolls are already treated against weeds and pests.

Our company also offers consultancy, turnkey projects, and long-term maintenance for intensive, extensive green roofs and terraces. For these green projects, we use modern, ecological and durable materials and vegetation rolls adapted for green roofs.

Our experts can help you in a constructive and flexible way regardless the type or the structure of the building. We can help you building extensive green roofs on the top of industrial halls, beautiful intensive gardens on the top of office buildings, or even a landscape green roof with parking places and playing areas in a futuristic shopping mall.
We can provide projects, system solutions, estimates and consultancy for green roof systems!

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