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Interior design

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Interior design

The main mission of the interior design is to create a pleasant ambience through spectacular flower arrangements and solitary plants with high decorative value.

If we have the budget, the following aspects are to be considered:

  • type of the building (shopping centre/mall, restaurant, hotel, conference hall etc.)
  • the general interior design of the place
  • requested style (simple but trendy, classic with complex shape/colour etc. )
  • colours that can be used due to the key elements (corporate logo, furniture, other decorating items etc.)
  • the need for humidity, light and space for each plant
  • destination of the space, the intensity of human traffic, type of people accessing the area etc.

Plants included in the arrangements will have the size from a few cm to 15 m, rare or more common species, according to the aspects mentioned above.

Their decorative value can be increased by choosing decorative pots of right shape, size and colour. They can nicely complement the overall design.

Would you like to create a pleasant working place, a decorative interior in your building? Using spectacular flower arrangements, decorative pots or solitary plants with high decorative value, we can provide eye-cathing and relaxing zones.

Our company also offers consultancy, turnkey projects, and long-term maintenance for intensive, extensive green roofs and terraces. For these green projects, we use modern, ecological and durable materials and vegetation rolls adapted for green roofs.

Our experts can help you in a constructive and flexible way regardless the type or the structure of the building. We can help you building extensive green roofs on the top of industrial halls, beautiful intensive gardens on the top of office buildings, or even a landscape green roof with parking places and playing areas in a futuristic shopping mall. We can provide projects, system solutions, estimates and consultancy for green roof systems!

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