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Accessories – Delimitation profiles

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Metal grill – Discharge hole

This element is an important part of a green roof and must be connected to the drainage system of the building. Its height is adjustable and can be adapted to the height of roof garden layers, especially to the thickness of the substrate. This metal grill has to match with the vegetation layer.
Example for discharge holes in case of a terrace roof:

Bauder Gullyaufsatz GA 250/GA 400 – metal grill
Gullyaufsatz GA 250 GA 400
Material galvanized steel
Size 250 x 250 mm 400 x 400 mm
Adjusting height 80 – 110 mm
Weight 3,5 kg 4,0 kg
Cover grill
Item number 7434 0030 7434 0040

Delimitation element

Interruptions in the green areas of a garden or terrace roof are protected by special parts, called delimitation elements. They are installed at the edge of the green roof structures, especially in the areas with gravels. These are perimeter strips of min. 50 cm width, between the vegetation area and any kind of accidents of the roof itself (attic, railings, skylights, penetrations, walls etc.).
They are made of products/materials of BROOF class (min. 50 mm tick gravel or mass > 80 kg/m, aggregate’s maximum granulometry of 32 mm, minimum granulometry of 4mm; min. 40 mm tick mineral tiles). Example for delimitation elements:

Bauder Kiesfangleiste AL 80 – Delimitation element for gravel
Material aluminium 1,5 mm
Height 80 mm
Width 100 mm
Length 2500 mm
Item number 7488 0000

Delimitation elements

Bauder Kiesfangleiste AL 100/80 – Delimitation element for gravel
Material aluminium 1,5 mm
Height 100/80 mm, can be used on both sides
Lenght 2500 mm
Item number 7488 0100

Even in the early design stage of a rooftop ecological construction we can advise you in order to choose adequate elements for your investment.

Interrruptions in green areas of a garden roof are protected by delimitation elements. They are mounted at the edge of the green roof structure, especially in the areas delimited by gravel.

Manufacturers whose materials we use for landscape works are well known all over the world. We already had some common projects, and results were reliable and spectacular. If you choose us, the quality of building elements is doubled by the qualified human professionalism. Our team is well experienced in the use and maintenance of all building elements of a green roof.

We can build extensive vegetation on industrial halls, intensive green terraces on office buildings, we can also create recreation and relaxing areas, intensive green roofs for high pedestrian traffic on the top of shopping malls, and many other ecological solutions. Thanks to the competence and professionalisms of our team, all materials used are compatible. Protection and filtering layers, drainage of the green roof, together with control boxes, delimitation elements, evacuation gutters are key components of a green roof system.

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