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Public roof

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Public roof

These are green roofs built over underground passages or garages, where areas for pedestrian access, parks, playgrounds and walking places can be landscaped.

Technical specifications
Weight up to 1.000 kg/sqm
Layer height 120 mm, 550 mm
Vegetation forms turf, hergabe, flowers, shrubs
Water retention about 25-50 %
Ecological value
Maintenance cost
Cost factor

If it’s settled that the structure of an underground construction can bear heavier weights like intense pedestrian or car traffic, between the defined doorways or pedestrian traffic areas, green spots can be landscaped with turf, plants and shrubs. Sometimes, even parks, playgrounds, sports grounds and exhibition spaces can be built. In case of existent constructions, a strength analysis must be performed and only after that the landscaping of the green roof can be started. For new buildings, these features must be considered even in the design stage.

Green roofs with pavement for pedestrian and vehicle traffic can be built over undreground constructions, passages and garages. Also playgrounds, walking spaces or recreational areas can be included.

Our company provides consultancy and optimal solutions on installing green roofs, using sustainable construction materials, vegetation rolls, plants especially cultivated for these ecological roof systems. We deliver turnkey projects and long-term maintenance of intensive and extensive green roofs and terraces. In our offer the following projects are included: lightweight roofs, intensive roof gardens, parks with pavements for pedestrian and vehicle traffic, recreational facilities, landscaping, green roofs with solar panels, vertical gardens on interior or exterior walls, rooftop landscapes for office buildings and shopping malls etc.

For each green roof landscaping we try to offer and to achieved the best cost/efficiency/safety and reliability balance, giving you system solutions adapted to your own green project. We are at your disposal with projects, system solutions, expert consulting and execution of these ecological solutions!

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