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Innovative tile design

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Innovative tile design

Innovative design: tile which is also a flowerpot

To soften the lack of green spaces in urban areas, a new tile was designed and introduced to market. This kind of tile transforms any kind of ordinary roof into a green one. This is a Holland design and it is made of a multitude of small tiles having the shape of a nest, which is very easy to apply to the pitched roofs of old buildings too.

The tile was developed by the Roel de Boer Company based on a very simple technique. With the help of funnel shaped supports, this kind of tile provides a friendly living space for plants. This kind of roof gardens do not need irrigation because the moisture is ensured by rains, so precipitations are brought back to their natural cycle and the sewerage system is not overloaded either.

Innovative tile design

Even this innovation underlines that green roofs have multiple benefits, because they can offer a beautiful view, but they are also environment friendly solutions. During summer they are cooling roofs and in winter they retain the heat, capture most of the harmful particles of the urban air, increase the oxygen in the air and also offer a habitat for the flora and fauna communities, which are highly marginalized in the cities.


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