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Media appearances, social involment

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Media appearances, social involment

ODU green roof is involved in the social and professional life of the comunity.

We follow all strategic partnerships, we organize events about green constructions, especially about grreen roofs and terraces, we encourage the development of green solutions and we also train new experts in the field.

Bauder – a very important partner of Odu green roof celebrates 10 years in Romania

The Bauder company has over 150 years of global experience.

Since the founding in 2005, our company has a significant increase every year. There were years when we doubled, even tripled the turnover.
We managed to introduce the concept of green roof systems in Romania and step by step the polyurethane foam. We have changed requirements for oxidized bitumen membranes into high quality membranes

– told us mr. Árpád Ábrám, the general manager of Bauder SRL.

The “green oasis” on the roof – a green roof can be a real corner of nature brought to our homes, a solution offered by the company for those who would like to invest in a house not only functional but also having a special, interesting design.

A green roof can be built of extensive and intensive vegetation, perennials, sedum sprouts, substrate for vegetation, filtering layer, another layer for drainage and moisture retention, one for protection and other for separation and equalization.

A house with green roof is not only beautiful, but has a much bigger value, providing ecological benefits: cooling the air, producing oxygen, gathering dust, retaining water and controlling humidity. A correct planting prolongs the life of the waterproofing and provides a more efficient insulation.

– declared mr. Árpád Ábrám, the general manager of Bauder SRL

Last year ODU green roof and Bauder made noticeable efforts in order to consolidate the market of green roof systems.

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