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ODÚ – Supporting the conference The City of Green Buildings

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ODÚ - Supporting the conference The City of Green Buildings

This special event supported by ODU-Green Roofs took place at the beginning of September 2015 in Cluj-Napoca. This event brought together experts, local and central authorities and also companies covering the whole value chain of sustainable buildings.

There were plenary sessions about developing sustainable buildings, energy consumption in the buildings, architectural issues regarding construction and rehabilitation of sustainable buildings, and financing such projects. All these topics were approached from a complex perspective, taking into account practical, political and commercial elements.

The conference provided an excellent opportunity for professionals and stakeholders of this industry to meet, to interact and to find common interest fields and of why not founding a future collaboration. “The City of Green Buildings” is an interdisciplinary forum that presents and discusses the most recent innovations, trends, practical, political and commercial concerns and challenges and also solutions in the field of sustainable buildings.

ODÚ - Supporting the conference The City of Green Buildings

This year we focused on the analyisis of the question “to build or to transform / build or rehabilitate?”, namely the challenges when existing buildings are rehabilitated in order to comply with the requirements of a legal sustainability.

Before the conference we had a one week training “The City of Green Building Academy”. This is an educational program for a better understanding of the green and sustainable building concept. This course was attended by students, fresh graduates of engineering and architecture universities from many countries. Students were guided by their university professors or employees of companies producing green solutions.

ODU-Green Roofs also supports the activity of future professionals, in order to return to ecological solutions, green buildings, both technically and financially.

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