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Training course about green roofs

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Training course about green roofs

Nowadays the biggest problem in the world is the climate change, what requires new solutions as soon as it is possible.

European leaders promised a 20% reduction of carbon emission until 2020. But to achieve this, we need new solutions as the “New jobs – New skills” project of the EU says.

For example the idea of green roofs can offer multiple benefits starting from biodiversity, providing extra insulation, prolonging the life of the roof, cleaning the air of pollutants and dust, moderating the urban heat island effect, slowing the rainwater and of course creating new relaxing zones, just to name a few.

Unfortunately there are very few experts having these new competences who are able to install and maintain a green roof. There are very good technologies, equipment, materials, but skilled human resources less. So this project will try to change this situation and will export technical experts and know-hows required in the United Kingdom.

Training course about green roofs

Thanks to this project two kind of qualifications will be developed: level 2 – Technician and level 3 – follow up. One of the goals is to obtain the accreditation which is available first in Great Britain and afterwards in Europe.

The project has six major objectives: design, development and pilot program. This will lead to obtain the accreditation in the UK for level 2 – Ttechnician for green roofs and level 3 – Supervisor of green roofs. The project would also develop a training plan and a syllabus for these qualifications.

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